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I take inspiration from inside, my unconscious brain. The human experience itself is so vast and complex that it’s an enormous library of feelings, sensations and thoughts that make most of my work. To be honest, every time i work I go into a sort of trans like state where I have absolutely no idea where the work is gonna go or how it will look like. I know when a work is finished when i have this completion sensation running thought my body. It feels like this trans like state is over and i’m coming back to reality. It’s just like going to the toilets, you never ask yourself “am i done?”.

Actually, visual art chose me more than i chose it actually, i just felt drawn to it and still to this day I have no idea how i’m here talking about it. Its very mystical to me… it’s like a force stronger than me. I have to do it and I don’t know why. it’s an impulse. The hardest part to me is to make the first move and grab the pen. Making the decision to start to work is the hardest because it’s so intense that i know it’s gonna be an emotional ride and i’m not sure i want to experience it… until i start. It’s like hesitating before going on a rollercoaster. 

What motivates me to create is to share what being human means, and do it visually. All the emotions we feel are complex and different from each other. It feels good to be able to put faces on loneliness, anxiety, love, surprise… Art to me is also therapeutic, every time i work after i feel cleaned and more peaceful. It’s very cathartic. The purpose of my work is to unite people on experiences that we all feel, whether they are happy ones or sad ones. And as a transgender woman it is important to me to have my community represented, and to show that you can be trans AND successful, and that it doesn’t define your chances of being happy and fulfilled. If you noticed, there’s literally no transgender representation in the visual arts. I wish I had a role model I could aspire to be. 

Just like electronic music, it’s time for digital art to make it space in the art world on the long run, and cohabit peacefully with all other mediums, as well as being respected.

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