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Victoria Vimbert

Born in 1994 in St Nazaire, France

Lives & works in London, UK


Victoria Vimbert is a questioner of life ; aligning together themes of fate, gender and mysticism. Mind twists helps her artistic practise, enabling her digital works to evolve in large spaces and her studio. 

Feelings of suffocation, interrogation and the notion of fate are in dialogue in her works, and through naive strokes of colours, grotesque compositions and dark humor,  help the viewer question their sense of self and willpower, as well their gender expression. 

Vimbert talks about her paintings, often large in scale, as "rooms of her own mind" ; rooms in which she questions the conditioning of the human experience, as well as the freedom we have to be ourselves.

Often, VImbert takes inspiration from her life experiences and questions, as well as the ones of others.These sources of inspiration not only represents scenes that can be displayed but also mediums of evolution and reflexion.



2012-2016 ESSEC Business School, Paris-Amsterdam-Singapore

Master's II degree in Business Administration & Cultural Intelligence


Exhibitions & Prizes


-Group show "XENIA" - The Holy Art Gallery, London

-Cover of "COLOURS" Magazine by Collect Art, Tbilisi, Georgia 

-Article in "ARTISTS RESPONDING TO..." Magazine Issue 4, Manchester, UK.


-Solo Show "Colours and Dark" - The Old Diorama Arts Center, London, UK.

-Pop Up Exhibition - Villa Azur, Miami, USA.



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